A luxurious rejuvenating treatment that restores the youthful and radiant appearance of the skin and reduces stretch marks. The series is based on red fruit extracts with strong antioxidant properties, protecting the skin against the harmful effects of free radicals and on the luxurious formulas of Youth Oils: grape seed, raspberry, pomegranate and rosehip.

Rejuvenating creamy body scrub with red fruit extract
Peeling particles of cranberry, olive and bamboo seeds immersed in the creamy consistency of the product exfoliate dead epidermis cells, smooth the skin, stimulate repair processes and show a strong anti-aging effect. Vitamin E in combination with Youth Oils restores the skin’s natural glow, firmness and elasticity.

Massage with rejuvenating oil with red fruit extract
The rich composition of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals perfectly penetrates the skin, ensuring its strong anti-aging effect. The use of advanced technology of an innovative, patented active ingredient – Stoechiol (Spanish lavender extract) makes the skin smooth and wrinkles shallower. The rejuvenating effect is long-lasting, and the natural aromas have a relaxing effect.

Rejuvenating body mask with red fruit extract
The mask contains a complex of 3 vegetable butters: cranberry butter, Shea butter, coconut butter, which smooth and firm, and have a strong anti-aging effect. It has been enriched with a plant complex of soybean extracts, ginkgo biloba, grapes, simple aspalate and milk thistle, responsible for reducing oxidative stress by neutralizing free radicals. Dermochlorella (green algae extract) used in the product increases the synthesis of collagen, elastin and laminin. The use of the mask makes the skin supple, and the stretch marks become shallower and lightened.

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