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Thao Thai Massage in Gdansk are places where time slows down. The intimate atmosphere, music, scent of orient – all this makes you can fully enjoy the moment of relaxation. However, the most important thing is a professional massage, which, apart from feeling relaxed, helps to get rid of bothersome health problems. We have been working with Thai massage for several years, still recognizing it as one of the most effective therapeutic technique in the world.

Traditional Thai massage means traditional Thai method of healing with hands. Its roots go back to Ayurveda, yoga and Chinese medicine. This massage primarily includes elements of acupressure and stretching. Its main purpose is to improve circulation and restore balance in the body. Thai massage can be used in specific diseases, but it is also an ideal way to relaxation, increasing the body’s resistance or improving the range of motion in the joints.

In our salons, we offer a whole range of different varieties of traditional Thai massage, starting from the massage of selected parts of the body, e.g. back or feet, through massages with the use of unique aromatic oils, and ending with massages with herbal stamps that are beneficial for resistance. In addition, the Thao Thai Spa salon on Spichrzowa Street offers unique, aromatic and relaxing spa packages using natural certified cosmetics from Thailand.

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