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Thai Massages


Traditional Thai Massage

160 zł 120 zł /pp260 zł /pp

Thai Head, Back, and Shoulders Massage

100 zł 70 zł /pp150 zł /pp

Herbal Stamp Massage

210 zł 160 zł /pp260 zł /pp300 zł /pp

Thai Massage with Aroma Oil

180 zł 140 zł /pp290 zł /pp

Hot Coconut Oil Massage

200 zł /pp270 zł /pp300 zł /pp

Gold Flake Oil Massage

190 zł /pp

Aromatic Candle Massage

200 zł /pp300 zł /pp

Milk Oil Thai Massage

190 zł /pp300 zł /pp

Aloe Vera Massage

190 zł /pp300 zł /pp

Massage of Feet and Legs – Reflexotherapy

150 zł /pp

Head and face massage

100 zł /pp

Massage for pregnant women

180 zł /pp


Packages available only in the salon on Spichrzowa Street 21

Green Tea Detox

370 zł /pp

Beauty Express

Beauty Feet

210 zł /pp

Coconut Power

420 zł /pp

Gold of Orient

420 zł /pp


400 zł /pp

Therm Activ

270 zł /pp

Jasmine Bliss

350 zł /pp

For Couples

Treatments and massages for couples are available only in the salon on Spichrzowa Street 21

Relaxing Oil Massage with Gold Flakes for Couples

210 zł /pp

Traditional Thai Massage + Candle Massage for Couples

310 zł /pp

Chocolate Body Mask + Relaxing Massage for Couples

330 zł /pp

Hot Coconut Oil Massage + Thai Foot Massage for Couples

320 zł /pp
* - massage performed exclusively in a package

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