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Thai Massages

1h ♥1h1,5h2h
♥ - Promotional Valentine's invitation, to be implemented after February 16, 2020.

Traditional Thai Massage

150 zł230 zł

Thai Head, Back, and Shoulders Massage

125 zł

Herbal Stamp Massage

250 zł290 zł

Thai Massage with Aroma Oil

170 zł270 zł

Gold Flake Oil Massage

180 zł280 zł

Hot Coconut Oil Massage

190 zł290 zł

Aromatic Candle Massage

190 zł280 zł

Milk Oil Thai Massage

180 zł280 zł

Aloe Vera Massage

180 zł

Massage of Feet and Legs – Reflexotherapy

125 zł


2,5h ♥1,5h2,5h3h
Packages available only in the salon on Spichrzowa Street 21

Jasmine Bliss

350 zł

Green Tea Detox

370 zł

Beauty Feet

210 zł

Coconut Power

390 zł

Beauty Express

260 zł

Gold of Orient

420 zł


400 zł
* - massage performed exclusively in a package

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