Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage, also called Nuad Phaen Boran (taj.) is a traditional Thai treatment method performed with hands. It is deeply enrooted in ayurveda, yoga and Chinese medicine. Thai massage combines mostly elements of acupressure and stretching. The main purpose of this massage is to improve circulation and restore balance in the body. Thai massage can be used in specific diseases, but it is also an ideal form of relaxation, increasing immunity and improving range of motion in the joints.

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Benefits for our body:

  • improves the circulation of blood and lymph,
  • improves the immune system,
  • maintains and improves the elasticity of muscles, tendons and ligaments,
  • maintains and improves range of motion in the joints,
  • reduces pain sensations (eg., Migraine),
  • improves functioning of internal organs,
  • slows down the aging process,
  • improves the overall body shape,
  • general relaxation, improves well-being.

Thao Thai masseuses Salon in Gdansk

BUA- Masseuse in the Thai Massage Salon Thao Thai in Gdansk


Bua is a remarkable therapist, which senses with her fingers the smallest sore spots.Continue Reading

TUNA- Masseuse in the Thai Massage Salon Thao Thai in Gdansk


Tuna- has always a warm and positive attitude towards the whole surroundings. Continue Reading


She has a great sense. Finds a problem and solves it. She makes a unique relaxing massage. Continue Reading


Always smiling. The biggest optimist in Thao Thai. >>


Very strong therapist. She feels great in classic massage and back massage. >>




Thao Thai

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